Dr. Volker Rieger

Managing Partner

+49 160 7131031

Dr. Volker Rieger is responsible for Detecon’s consulting area “Corporate & Digital Strategy”. He has a 20+ years’ background in digital business transformation and is proud to have been one of the first to coin the term “data-centric business models” over ten years ago.  

Volker studied physics in Germany, the U.S. and Japan, and holds a Ph.D. in quantum optics. His view on digititalization goes back to his career start at automotive supplier Bosch/Blaupunkt in the late 1990s. As a product manager for telematics systems (now Connected Car), he experienced firsthand how technology companies worked with startups and old-economy players to shape new markets. Digitization, ecosystems, industry convergence, and data-centric business models were non-existent terms at the time, but the mechanisms of new value creation were emerging. With this experience, he accompanied the transformation of the telecommunications industry as a consultant for about ten years and then turned to the same challenge in the energy industry. 

What are the future options for infrastructure-based industries with 100 years of tradition and culture in a digital world? Which assets and capabilities will continue to be relevant for success in the future, and where do new capabilities and business models need to be built? How to create platform and ecosystem-based business models? These are some of the key questions he is currently addressing with his clients. 

Core competencies: 

  • Digital & Agile Strategy 
  • Business Ecosystems and Platform-based Value Creation 
  • Digital and data-centric Business Models 
  • Agile transformation of organizations and cultures 
  • Digital Capabilitites and Transformation 

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