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Heading towards Digital Connectivity in Transport

In the Travel, Transport & Logistics (TTL) sector, companies are supported by digital strategy, management and transformation consulting in the rail, transport and logistics industry.
Through many years of experience in the industry, we know the diverse challenges of large international as well as medium-sized and regionally oriented companies. An international team with an excellent network provides our clients with a complete package and ensures support around the globe.

Our Conviction and Mission

The challenges of our rail, postal and transport & logistics customers are constantly growing. Fundamental changes in these industries require companies to radically reinvent themselves in order to succeed.

Our conviction: The mobility of people and goods is an important foundation of social cohesion. To make mobility fit for the future, players in the transport & logistics sector must become more ecologically and economically sustainable. The digitalisation of business models and processes makes a significant contribution to this. 

Our mission: Together with players in the transport & logistics sector, we develop strategies and concepts for digital transformation and support their implementation. To do this, we combine in-depth industry and specialist knowledge with our unique ICT competencies.

Our Roadmap

Our Services

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Hyperconnectivity (5G, IoT, Edge)


  • Digitainability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green ICT
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Client Enablement
  • Circular Economy
  • Waste Reduction

Weitere Information zu unserem Sustainability-Beratungsansatz finden Sie hier.




  • Architecture/Networks/Infrastructure
  • Zero Trust
  • Access Topics
  • Pen Testing
  • Cyber Defense

Digital Transformation

  • EAM / Architecture
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Platform Topics
  • Legal / Governance
  • Digital Infrastructure in Rail / “Digitale Schiene“

Damage Wagon Management via App

Together with Detecon consultants, DB Cargo has developed an app that tests different scenarios for the repair of damaged freight cars and thus facilitates the selection of the optimal scenario. Here, different approaches for a workshop visit of a damaged wagon are simulated and surprising findings are derived and visualised. Read about the development cooperation and challenges as well as the final developed solution in the article of the Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau (only german language).

Swiss Federal Railways optimize train operations

SBB - Data Analytics for Causes of Delays

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB, CFF, FFS) is considered one of the most on-time rail operators in Europe. This was not enough for the company. Daniele Guidetti (SBB) and Gernot Stocker (Detecon) explained in the "Big Data Insider" how a new data analytics software solution now identifies and classifies the reasons for schedule deviations fully automatically so that systematic causes can then be eliminated consistently.

Read the full article (german-language) here (Image source: SBB)

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