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Shaping the Future Thanks to Digitization

The game changers digitalization and convergence have brought about metamorphoses in the established industry sectors of travel, transport, and logistics in recent years, in no small part the consequence of new living and travel habits. New market players have emerged and become major forces as have innumerable digital services for sharing, pooling, and intermodal door-to-door travel. Despite the scope of these transformations, the end of such developments is by no means in sight. The next wave is already lapping at the threshold, featuring (among other things) self-driving vehicles, fundamentally new approaches in last-mile delivery, “digital construction” based on building information modeling (BIM), the secure “digital transport” of information, and digital asset monitoring with IoT and data analytics.

Success Factors

The magnitude of the challenges facing our rail, postal, and transport and logistics clients is equally daunting. An essential key to success is keeping pace with accelerating velocity of the ICT industry, and that in itself demands a high level of market orientation, focus, and innovation.

  • How can you sustainably position yourself in this new world of mobility and what role will you play in it?
  • How can you compensate the losses in some areas of your core business — for example, in mail delivery of the postal companies?
  • How can you secure proximity to your customers as they travel the paths of their customer journeys?
  • How will you react to the new cyberthreats arising from increasing interconnectivity and digitalization?
  • How can you optimize your operations to achieve end-to-end process orientation and seamless process digitalization?
  • How will you master the related “digital change” challenges encompassing broad areas of your company?

Our Services

We offer to our clients a broad range of consulting services encompassing both profound industry expertise and many functional focal points in our consulting activities to support them in mastering the above-mentioned challenges.

Smart Mobility
Digitalization railroad operation
Digital business models
Core Functions & Optimization
Cyber Security & Defense
Smart Data & IoT

Damaged Wagon Management via App

Together with Detecon consultants, DB Cargo has developed an app that tests different scenarios for the repair of damaged wagons and thus helps to select the optimal scenario. Different approaches for a workshop visit of a damaged wagon are simulated and surprising findings are derived and visualised. Read about the development cooperation and challenges as well as the developed solution in the article of the Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau (only available in german).

Swiss Federal Railways optimize train operations

SBB - Data Analytics for Causes of Delays

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB, CFF, FFS) is considered one of the most on-time rail operators in Europe. This was not enough for the company. Daniele Guidetti (SBB) and Gernot Stocker (Detecon) explained in the "Big Data Insider" how a new data analytics software solution now identifies and classifies the reasons for schedule deviations fully automatically so that systematic causes can then be eliminated consistently.

Read the full article (german-language) here (Image source: SBB)

DHL Logistics Trend Radar

The Trend Radar has been continuously developed and updated to highlight relevant logistics trends since 2013. The new 5th edition, developed by DHL with decisive input from Detecon, incorporates 29 important trends and innovations in the logistics business.

Download: Trend-Radar

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