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Prepared for the Next Wave of Innovations

Detecon's consulting approach addresses current and future requirements in the digital age. This includes, for example, that top consulting covers the spectrum from innovation to implementation. Future-oriented digital consulting requires more and more technology expertise and a high degree of agility, which includes the flexible but precisely fitting networking of experts, especially for complex, digital ecosystems. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important in digital consulting to accompany clients from innovation through prototyping to implementation.

With our Berlin-based Digital Engineering Center, we advise on Cyber Security, Analytical Intelligence, Co-Innovation and Industrial IoT, and accelerate the implementation of Digital Strategies and solutions by means of Prototypes and proof of concepts for our customers.

Digital Real Estate Lifecycle Management

The market sees the enormous opportunities offered by the digitalization of the lifecycle management of real estate. A building is a system of systems with a variety of standards and technologies, each with its own life cycle.

Our solution for digital building management is also here the digital twin. As a digital building twin, it provides relevant and coherent information from data from different sources, which can be used as a fact-based basis for decision-making. In a co-creation approach with our customers, we develop a tangible demonstrator with real use cases of digital building management.

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