Agile Strategizing in a VUCA World

Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous – in a VUCA environment, companies need a strategizing process that itself is agile. Agile Strategizing is such a process helping companies to change strategy as often, as radical, as interactive as necessary.

Agile and Agility as buzzwords have been around for a while. The idea of agile strategy though has only recently entered the world of business consulting and management. However, this is not to be confused with strategic agility. Agile strategy is different from strategic agility as it takes the strategy process as its core. 
‘Agile strategizing’ refers to the process to proactively adapting strategy content to the environment and/or create a new environment.

The Detecon whitepaper Agile Strategizing in a VUCA World compares traditional and dynamic approaches to strategizing to develop a new “Agile Strategizing Model” and provide guidelines for its implementation.