Otto Group: Creating added value through cultural change

From the Company Rebuilding podcast series

Why do transformation projects fail again and again? Why do established companies in particular fail to sustainably break through their rigid patterns? The recipe seems so simple: a little agility here, a pinch of disruption there, a dash of New Work on top - and you're on your way. That would be nice! But how does it work? Our podcast series Rebuilding Companies is all about innovation, digitalization, new work and company rebuilding.

Innovation has always been a top priority at the Otto Group. An institution in the mail order business since its founding in 1949, the family-owned company is now one of the largest online retailers in the world. As early as 1995, Otto was one of the first retailers in Germany to rely on the promise of digitalisation. In recent years, the Group's management has also increasingly turned its attention inwards to enable and maintain innovative capacity. Cultural change is the word of the day. For a good six years now, it has been actively promoted in all business areas of the Otto Group - with astounding results.

Tobias Krüger, Head of Cultural Change 4.0 at the Otto Group, was one of the brains behind this groundbreaking decision. In the latest episode of Rebuilding Companies, he shares his view on the topic of culture change and explains how this often underestimated discipline can become a crucial success factor in the company. The podcast is only available in german language.

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