Michael Lewrick: New business models with business ecosystems

From the Rebuilding Companies podcast series

Successful companies such as Apple and Amazon are increasingly relying on business ecosystems. This shows that these ecosystems are becoming increasingly relevant for companies. The big pioneer, however, is Asia. One example of a business ecosystem on the Asian market is WeChat. Originally a messenger service, it has been expanded to include many functions, such as mobile payment. In Europe, there is still great potential for development compared to Asia. It is important to understand who potential ecosystem partners are and what characteristics they can bring to the table.

How can we represent new business models and growth in ecosystems, and what will ecosystems look like in the future? This is the question addressed in the latest episode of our Rebuilding Companys podcast series. Podcast hosts Daniela Drube and Volker Rieger hope to get an answer from Michael Lewrick. He is a design thinking expert, speaker and consultant as well as author of the books Design Thinking Playbook and Business Ecosystem Design. He also teaches at various universities on the topics of design thinking and business ecosystems.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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