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New Work @Detecon

Courage to think ahead!

Innovative working worlds and new forms of collaboration are clear demonstrations of New Work at Detecon. The Detecon ecosystem connects colleagues from all the company sites and activates flexible usage formats — decentralized and dynamic. Our hybrid workspaces are multifunctional and variable platforms that effectively drive interdisciplinary collaboration among the people in the organization, but above all with our clients — sustainably and digitally. These four key design elements (ND³) are the ideal setting for raising qualitative value while conserving resources.

Courage to rethink!

It is perfectly natural that there are many things we do not yet know. There are also still a lot of things that we do not know that we do not know them. Our concept has therefore been designed to keep pace with further developments. One thing is clear even now, however: “waste”, “static,” and “one size fits all” belong to the past. And that is true in all of our divisions. We are striking out into a new working world, a mission that also changes our identity as a consultancy.
We are molding the future of consulting. Compact, yet far-reaching, far-sighted, and far-ranging — for our clients and employees.

Courage to lead by example!

We are on a journey that gives us new opportunities every day to decide what is the right move and what is needed at the moment. This is how we as a team design our future work environment, decide what our working hours will be, and determine how we can work most effectively for our clients.
This is what we mean when we speak of New Work @Detecon!

New Work sites

Here at Detecon, we have been working with the aspects of New Work and new forms of (virtual) cooperation for quite a while. The results include newly organized and equipped offices at German locations as well as at subsidiaries such as Switzerland. The Detecon ecosystem is home to sites in fantastic cities. A look at our innovative offices, space concepts, and areas is rewarding.

Our team looks forward to welcoming you!

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