Company Rebuilding #5: Tijen Onaran

Tijen Onaran on women in the digital economy

Tijen has no shortage of ideas. "I could pull up another company every day, it feels like," says the self-employed moderator and communications consultant from Berlin. Right now, she's thinking about a startup centered around dogs. Her big topic, however, is something completely different: women in the digital economy. She recently founded the 'Global Digital Women' network, which brings together women around the world who are driving digitization forward - from founders to corporate executives. "I believe in the power of diverse teams," she says, trying to convince companies that diversity by no means means being "happy all the time." "Diversity is an economic component: the more diverse companies are, the more innovative and ultimately successful they are," says the woman who years ago was about to embark on a political career. The GDW network encourages women to "get on stages and tell their own success stories," she says. With rhetoric and eloquence. An aha experience for her was a longer trip to the USA: "There I opened up new horizons for myself. In the U.S., you learn how to pitch ideas and get them across in a way that inspires people."

In our new podcast episode, Janosch Geiger talks to Tijen Onaran about the growing influence of women in the digital economy and the often underestimated chances of success for diverse teams.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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