Company Rebuilding #9: Prof. Dr. Babette Julia Brinkmann

No Game without rules

Self-organization means that employees, teams and units decide independently within a binding and clearly communicated framework what they can do and how best to do it. For this to succeed, clear rules of the game are required that apply equally at all levels and to all participants, on which everyone can rely and which, as soon as they are no longer helpful for the organizational purpose, can be modified or further developed jointly. Does heterogeneity strengthen decentralized structures? How do decision-making and implementation competencies get to where things happen, where information arrives? Why is transparency more important than control? What comes after saying goodbye to the illusions of plannability? Why is trust important under complex environmental conditions? How do you create, deepen and maintain this resource? What role do purpose and meaning play as orienting variables for the navigation context?

Detecon consultant Mike Kaiser explores these and other questions in the ninth episode of our Rebuilding Companies Podcast in conversation with Dr. Babette Brinkmann. She is a professor of organizational and group psychology at the Technical University of Cologne and has also been an organizational consultant and coach since 1997.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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