Where are Energy Companies at? 

Digitization, deregulation and decarbonization are shaping the energy market and transforming the conditions for the generation, distribution and consumption of energy. The political and technological developments associated with the energy transition and digitization present considerable challenges equally for the electricity, gas and oil industries. Energy utilities are facing falling margins and considerable cost competition from existing and new competitors as well as changes in consumer behavior. At the same time, data and AI continue to play a crucial role in the energy industry's offerings, operations and processes. Therefore, they are faced with the challenge of driving forward their realignment - similar to telecommunications companies in the past. In order to achieve a right-to-play in this complex environment, energy utilities must transform themselves from pure infrastructure operators to data-centric energy supply companies (see image). 

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Detecon excels in the implementation of digital projects in the energy sector through a combination of deep understanding of technical-strategic requirements and high technology and implementation competence. We provide comprehensive support to our clients across all value creation stages in the central issues of digital transformation. This enables us to take responsible ownership of project outcomes – from strategy and conceptualization to implementation. For this purpose, we work interdisciplinarily and across national borders with our colleagues from Switzerland and Austria.

Data-centric energy business models and (agile) operations
IT/OT strategy and architecture
KRITIS security
Digital DSO
Cross-industry offerings, e.g. V2G

Reference: Data Lakes and Analytics at RWE Generation

Big data and data analytics are now something that almost every company wants to use. But intelligent data analysis cannot be implemented at the push of a button. RWE Generation and Detecon provide an insight into a change project involving persuasion.

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