Company Rebuilding #4: Bastian Unterberg

jovoto founder Bastian Unterberg on new and innovative forms of collaboration

"One of the strongest motivators for members on our platform is to learn from each other," says jovoto founder Bastian Unterberg. Almost 100,000 freelancers are registered on his Internet platform. The basic idea: companies put certain problems out to tender and provide the project with a certain budget. Via jovoto, corresponding teams come together for the solution. "We pay fixed daily rates," says Unterberg. The teams can then decide for themselves who from the team receives which daily rate. "This can sometimes be over 1,000 euros," Unterberg assures. His credo: "We want to offer freedom and security, The currency on our platform is trust."
Although Unterberg says he already "founded a company in 2007 for which there wasn't a market until 2014," his collaborative approach, also called the "gig economy" by some, is now fully in vogue. Especially since he takes a rather critical view of university and company training: "Many jobs we train for today won't even exist in a few years." Companies would have to adapt their work organizations more quickly and flexibly and anticipate developments: "You have to become an organism as a company that enters into a symbiosis with its environment."
In an idyllic setting amid chirping birds in a Berlin park, Janosch Geiger spoke with the innovative entrepreneur who once studied "Leadership in Digital Communication."

The podcast is only available in german language.

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