Olaf Schindler: Rediscovering the Smart Home

From the Data-Talk podcast series

With Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, the Internet of Things (IoT) has had its foot in the door of the living room for some time now. Such smart assistants, however, represent only one aspect of the diverse possibilities of networking in the living area.

In the first episode of our podcast Datatalk, our hosts Dennis Schiedat and Volker Rieger talk to smart home expert Olaf Schindler about the potential of the technology trends IoT and Big Data in the end customer segment and the area of tension between user comfort and data protection that inevitably arises there.

After Schindler developed the smart home division at the energy giant Innogy into a "cross-industry" data business, he founded Vreeda GmbH this year. The smart home start-up has set itself the goal of developing an intelligent platform for smart devices and services that enables cross-industry partnerships and ecosystems.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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