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Enabling Digitalization, Connecting People

Digital, networked, and human - Detecon is a consulting company which, despite all its focus on technology, never loses sight of the human factor. Fair and appreciative cooperation is the most important characteristic by which we define ourselves as a company in our daily cooperation. Beyond our own organizational boundaries, we live this claim through a high level of compliance awareness which we share with the Deutsche Telekom Group in the form of a Code of Conduct.


Our Charter


Diversity, equality and inclusion are an integral part of our corporate culture. By establishing permeable structures, inclusive leadership and targeted use of resources, we actively promote our diversity agenda in all dimensions.

New Work

Detecon's high level of consulting expertise in the area of new ways of working benefits not only our customers, but first and foremost our employees. Agility, flat hierarchies and a modern (virtual) working environment with plenty of room for personal responsibility are a matter of course.

Green ICT

From power consumption in data centers to electronic waste from discarded hardware - digitization requires a whole-hearted awareness of the environmentally friendly and resource-saving operation of information technology. This is why Detecon is actively committed to advancing green ICT.


Detecon is striving to be climate-neutral by the year 2030. Since digital technologies make a significant contribution to achieving the climate goals, we also open up the same perspective to all our clients - as a concrete objective or as a positive secondary effect of our consulting services.

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