Christiane von Flotow: Data-driven business models in the energy industry

From the podcast series Data-Talk

The increased use of renewable energies and the accompanying change in the energy industry make new marketing methods necessary. At the same time, the advancing digitalization creates new impulses for the further development of the industry. Data-driven thinking manages to combine these two developments profitably and thus creates an important basis for innovative business models.

In this episode of Data-Talk, podcast hosts Volker Rieger and Raquel Fandos talk with Christiane von Flotow, Head of Data Design at Uniper, about the future of energy generation and the role that digitization and data play in it. Christiane is Head of Datadesign at Uniper. Her responsibilities include the energy supplier's data strategy and data architecture. For her, data is the most important building block for developing new business models. Big data and data thinking are of crucial importance here.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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