Philipp Schett: Steps towards the "New Normal" according to COVID 19

We are slowly moving towards the end of the Corona Pandemic. For many companies, the question now is how to transform their traditional ways of working into a so-called "New Normal". One method that helps companies to implement their strategies is Objectives & Key Results (OKR). It enables companies to assess at any time how their strategies are being implemented.

How the high value of OKRs comes about and why OKRs are even more exciting and important for companies right now is the topic of the new podcast episode Rebuilding Companies. The two podcast hosts Volker Rieger and Vanessa Dahm talk to Philipp Schett about working models after the pandemic. He is the founder and CEO of Wave 9, an OKR consultancy for businesses. Before starting his own business, Philipp was Director Strategy Consulting for Detecon Inc, the US branch of Detecon in San Francisco.

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