Company Rebuilding #8: Sven Semet

When developing AI applications, the needs of the employee must be the central focus

The IBM Watson system contains software modules with a variety of algorithms that can be used on the network as microservices, e.g. IBM Watson Discovery News or IBM Watson Talent Insights. Its digital recruitment assistants make application processes more efficient and ensure a high fit in results. As a result, feelings of fairness and satisfaction grow. Smart chatbots evaluate data from personal records, from web interactions and from social media activities, matching algorithms match candidate and requirement profiles, make recommendations and offer suitable open positions, so that applicants often don't even have to search, but are "found". Cloud platform learning via virtual classrooms, IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments, and digital career coaching or navigation systems to anticipate career paths add to the round of options that can always be tailored well to the development of individuals.

In the eighth episode of our Rebuilding Companies Podcast, Detecon consultant Mike Kaiser talks to Sven Semet. The trained computer scientist and equally prominent and passionate HR thought leader has been responsible for talent management strategies and innovative workforce solutions at IBM for more than 15 years. Big Data and analytics in HR are his core competencies.

Semet is convinced artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or autonomous cognitive systems will make HR a strategic factor in agile companies again. But only if the focus is on the individual human being, the biggest value proposition of AI in HR can be realized: a lively start-up mentality and high-performing teams in the company, i.e. curious, contagiously motivated and growth-oriented employees.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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