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Keeping up with the pace of the digital age demands continuous further development and the driving forward of new ideas. Digital transformation is ultimately a determining force in our business and social lives, and the factors most defining our present day are communication, networking, and maintaining contacts.
We have created several opportunities for you to stay in touch.

Our Community on Linkedin

We cordially invite all of our former colleagues to join the Detecon Alumni Community on Linkedin. We use this site to provide you with exclusive information about the latest developments as well as fascinating talks and events at Detecon. Click on the link below to go to our Alumni Community:

Detecon Alumni Community @ Linkedin


Alumni Newsletter

Our alumni newsletter keeps you up to date! Whether brand-new developments at Detecon, exciting publications or networking events such as the Alumni Summer Festival - the newsletter informs you regularly about the latest news. Subscribe and stay informed:

Your entry at Detecon

If you are interested in returning to Detecon, then take a look at our vacencies or contact us at:

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