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As an international management and technology consultancy, we support clients in overcoming all challenges related to digitalisation.

The basis for this is provided by deep technology expertise, industry-relevant understanding of strategy and processes, and experience in the successful implementation of innovative business models.

We are driven by our fascination for technology and with the question of how technology can change our everyday lives for the better - and our curiosity about the answers!

"Our success is based on our roots in telecommunications. Today, we also transfer our knowledge of communication technologies to other industries to shape networking - especially in the automotive, manufacturing, public, travel, transport & logistics and health sectors."

Ralf Pichler, CEO Detecon International


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Special: Strengthening Resilience

Today more than ever, resilience is a question of future existence. The "new normal" seems to be shifting to a phase of permanent "no normal". Organisations that are able to adapt to constantly changing conditions (e.g. climate crises, consequences of war, pandemics, protectionism, interest rate changes ...) are in demand. Our special aims to provide thoughts on which activities can be helpful on the way to stability, resilience and long-term maturity.

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