Company Rebuilding #7: Axel Jütte

Mindfulness strengthens self-leadership and well-being in agile structures

"The Omm apparently increases profit at SAP," quipped DIE ZEIT recently. Yet it is a fact. Investing in the attention skills of employees not only increases satisfaction, resilience, leadership trust and employer engagement, but also brings his company a monetary return of about 200 percent, Axel Jütte emphasizes. But more importantly, of course, he says, is uncovering the paths to their inner sources of strength with managers and colleagues.

In our latest podcast episode, Detecon consultant Mike Kaiser talks to the SAP Team Leader for User Experience in the Innovative Business Solutions division, who is also highly regarded as a Search Inside Yourself (SIY) trainer at the Walldorf software giant. Jütte, a computer scientist, is part of the second generation of mental coaches led by SAP engineer Peter Bostelmann, who five years ago turned a pilot project for the conscious use of meditative techniques to improve self-awareness and self-regulation into a successful global model at 25 SAP locations. "Mindfulness combined with emotional intelligence promotes expansive and interconnected thinking," says Jütte, who is certain: "Employees who use mindfulness to achieve openness and creative curiosity have a good chance of coping with change better than others."

The podcast is only available in german language.

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