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Digital Change in Administration

Detecon accompanies authorities and public institutions at the federal, state, and local levels in the digital transformation of administration. Together, we strive to strengthen internal & external security, make digital administration more efficient, and ensure that digital education is accessible to all. We support the development of smart city solutions, the management of infrastructure & innovations, and the implementation of organizational, change & work 4.0 concepts.

Together, we leverage the potential of modern technologies to transform the public sector in a future-oriented way. Learn more about our customized solutions and how we can support your authority or institution in the digital transformation.

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Find out about our latest publications and exciting events where you can meet us. We provide information on innovative projects, groundbreaking technologies and inspiring initiatives in the public sector.

AI - paving the way for a future-oriented administration?

Digitalization and technological progress are bringing public administration to a turning point. With the increasing integration of technology into work and private life, citizens' expectations of efficient, transparent, and citizen-centric service that can keep pace with digital offerings from the private sector are rising.

But how can public administration meet these expectations? The answer could lie in artificial intelligence (AI).

Read more (german language only).

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