Point of View: Data-Centric Company

The Detecon study "Point of View: Data-Centric Company" examines key factors of successful data-centric companies. Identifying potential business value, building a data culture, and improving data engineering are central aspects. The application of innovative methods such as the Data-Thinking Framework, optimizes the data value chain as well as networking in ecosystems. Furthermore, essential technical requirements and the design of suitable data architectures are crucial for successful data management. One solution is Data Mesh, a distributed platform that provides users with a high degree of freedom in generating valuable insights from data.

Additionally, the publication addresses data-centric actions in corporate functions such as finance, marketing, human resources, and R&D. The study also sheds light on the challenges of data-driven innovation in Europe and the pivotal role of compliance in promoting new technologies. Read more about an effective data strategy that drives your company forward.