Jan Veira: Digital training as potential for companies

Many companies find it difficult to offer their employees training opportunities. Yet the need remains high, especially because of the pandemic. But rapid innovation requires new knowledge and new skills. The skills of employees need to be further developed, especially in the area of digitalization. This is necessary in order not to be left behind in the advancing digitization of the working environment. The difficulty, however, is to make the further training measures as efficient as possible in order to disrupt ongoing operations as little as possible.

In the new episode of our podcast series Rebuilding Companies, the founder and CEO of University4Industry, Jan Veira talks to Volker Rieger about efficient continuing education in companies. University4Industry (U4I) focuses on digital education with a focus on industry. U4I helps companies make their employees fit for the digitalization of the work environment. Jan also tells us about founding his own startup, the role agile working and changing working methods play in this.

The podcast is only available in german language.


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