Company Rebuilding #12: Markus Väth und Marc Wagner

Markus Väth and Marc Wagner discuss the future of the consulting industry

A consultant who takes his job seriously must work on his own abolition. This is how Markus Väth's core thesis could be summed up. For the author of the book with the provocative title Beraterdämmerung: Wie Unternehmen selbst helfen können, the classic management consulting firm is at its end. Standardized compact solutions are out. The industry must change to organizational coaching and can at best offer its clients temporary help for self-help. The goal is the autonomous, strong company, the so-called "empowered organization which thrives on its own and no longer needs external guidance". Marc Wagner, Detecon specialist for Company ReBuilding, New Work, and Innovation Management, sees things a little differently: although the company's own biotope is also changing, there is a trend toward individualization of tasks and projects, toward personalization of trust and confidence in customer relationships, the precise management of selective workloads, the development of topics at eye level, and the recruitment and orchestration of high-performance teams remain dependent on third-party competencies.

In episode 12 of our Rebuilding Companies podcast, Detecon consultant Mike Kaiser has two guests at once. He talks with the distinguished organizational coach, psychologist, musician, and multiple award-winning author Markus Väth and with the successful speaker and publicist Marc Wagner, Partner and member of the Global Management Team at Detecon, about the future of the consulting industry and its position in a world of accelerating change.

The podcast is only available in german language.

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