Company Rebuilding #1: Bernhard Zünkeler

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Building bridges between art and business

In our latest podcast episode, Janosch Geiger talks to Bernhard Zünkeler, partner at the Orange Council agency. The doctor of law accompanied efficiency programs in large companies for many years. Until he discovered art, which has always been his great passion, for himself professionally. Today, he advises companies on the creative and stimulating design of work environments, and whenever renewal and thus inspiration, intuition and imagination play a role. He says, "When it comes to innovation, companies and artists form a perfect alliance." With the approach 'Art Thinking' he builds bridges with his partners and the artist team freeters between the very free artistic existence and the 'industrial' approach in companies. Bosch and Deutsche Telekom are already among the creative forge's clients.

The podcast is only available in german language.