Partnering, Networks, Cooperation: Always What Is Best for Your Project

We are in the midst of the second wave of digitalization, which encompasses the entire value-added chain and dissolves the previous boundaries between companies and industries. Thanks to our 40 years of experience in digitalization consulting, we can confidently state that the basis for every success is collaboration in an atmosphere of trust within ecosystems as well as technology competence.

Engagements in the High-Tech Hotspots of the World

Our strength derives precisely from this close cooperation with our partners. As part of Deutsche Telekom, we have access to the resources of one of the world’s leading corporate groups in the telecommunications sector. Moreover, we collaborate with partners all around the globe – from startups to technology corporations operating worldwide. We deliberately open our company to all the relevant hotspots in Germany and internationally, whether the innovation and startup ecosystem in Berlin, the long-established Silicon Valley in the USA, or the new Silicon Valley for cyber security in Israel’s Beersheba. Acting within this ecosystem makes it possible for us to accompany our clients from strategy to successful implementation.

Interconnected Ecosystems – the Key to Success

Companies must also learn to maneuver within these newly created ecosystems and to put their faith in cross-industry partnerships that will enable them to exploit the unprecedented opportunities arising from the exponential development of digital technologies.

Engagements in the high-tech hotspots of the world are essential. For one, you are as close as possible to the development of new ideas and technologies that can serve as the basis for new, groundbreaking digital business models. For another, the hotspots are an opportunity to expand your own network even further. We bring our clients together with exciting potential partners and help them with the establishment of a stable network that securely supports our clients as they deal with their complex requirements.

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Gerhard Auer
Press Spokesperson

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