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Added Value and Flexibility Through Digital Technologies

Industry 4.0 raises production into a new era: machines communicate directly with each other, inform each other about changes in the production process and order scarce material independently. Condition-based monitoring and control of machines and plants presents major challenges, for example in network availability, the management of data security and the interaction of production systems in real time.

At the same time, the classic challenges remain topical: Due to global competition, the manufacturing and process industries are under constant cost pressure. The industries are characterised by a greater variety of variants and declining brand loyalty: Customers expect more and more equipment for the same price. In order to stand out from the emerging competitors from China, India and the Eastern European countries, innovative products, flexibility in order processing and value-oriented customer management are the key to success in addition to efficient structures and processes.

Our Services

As a leading technology and management consultancy, we plan the digital strategy of production, the conception of a smart factory or a digital twin together with our customers. In addition, we are in a position to accompany the organisational and technical implementation and to take on tasks in transformation management. Based on a situation analysis, these include the realignment of the IT infrastructure or the transformation of applications to a uniform IT standard.

IoT Enabling

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has established itself as an integral part of the IT strategy of manufacturing companies. Process, product and business model innovations increasingly require the provision of a suitable infrastructure or the expansion of physical assets to include digital services and often also contribute to increases in efficiency.

Detecon advises you in your IIoT project from answering strategic questions to technical implementation and the associated transformation of your organization. This includes in particular consulting in the selection and implementation of technologies of the IIoT stack, such as Managed Connectivity, IIoT platforms and the agile provision of digital services through App Factories. Customers benefit from our extensive project experience in the Industrial Internet environment and from our powerful partner network.

Smart Factory

Detecon develops new, smart factory concepts (green field), but also transforms existing factories (brown field) holistically. This covers all areas from a smart integrated production system, layout planning, value stream analysis, automation to the introduction of advanced MES and PLM solutions and digital factory concepts such as the Digital Twin.

With our Chapter Digital Innovation/Industrial IoT we offer our customers the opportunity to test Smart Factory solutions in practice.


The system landscape of a company must serve the strategic orientation of the company.

The ERP development must take this into account and be appropriately integrated into the IT landscape. Part of this development is, for example, the connection of production machines to the ERP landscape. Here a clear assignment is necessary: Which process steps are performed by which application. Which business processes are affected and can have an influence on the machine level or vice versa which business processes are influenced by the machines. Even if it is tedious, the consideration from the rough to the fine must take place continuously. We would like to support you in this and other tasks.

IT-Strategie und Management

Due to the progressive and accelerating digitalization, the pressure for change on companies is growing enormously. The IT managers in the Manufacturing Industries segment are particularly challenged here. The aim is to realign IT organizations quickly and sustainably in line with growing requirements. We support our customers in this change process. Together, and on the basis of proven methods, we develop IT strategies and feasible change concepts. And we stay on board until the concepts are successfully implemented.

Carve Out

Access to all of the consulting expertise and support services it needed for the IT carve-out. Combined IT and consulting expertise ensure business processes are transferred and maintained smoothly.

Information & Business Architecture

Whether digitization takes place in the form of new business models and digital services, in customer retention or for internal optimization (e.g. in production), information always plays the decisive role. It is not only important to know the relevant information for implementing the digital strategy, to determine its sources, usage scenarios and its value. They must also be made available to potential users in a trustworthy and secure manner. A business and information architecture ensures this.

PLM Strategy – Digital Extended

In the last 10-15 years, PDM/PLM concepts have established themselves in all manufacturing companies. Many companies are already developing and launching more and more sensor-based and intelligent products and services. This leads to a variety of new requirements that can no longer be met by the often "built-in" PDM landscapes and technical organizations alone. We help our customers to derive the right PLM capabilities for their (extended) digital business from the product and business strategy and to transfer them into a suitable PLM/IT strategy and target development. We accompany you neutrally and systematically in the early phases up to system selection and implementation. If required, we can also contribute ERP/SAP S/4 and CRM/Sales Force competencies.

Agile Hardware Development: A Risk Management Method

The triumph of agile development in the software sector has recently also reached hardware development. Especially in the large companies of the automotive industry, the number of users of agile methods such as SCRUM or Kanban is increasing, leading to significant changes in the corporate culture there. A stronger orientation towards agile methods makes sense especially when the pressure to change is high due to competition and rapidly changing customer requirements. Download our German language information flyer here!

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