Study: Success factors for digitization in public administration

What changes does the transformation through digitization evoke in public institutions, as well as in IT service providers for the public sector? What is the current state, and what skills are essential? This study addresses these and other questions. The key finding: public administration in Germany is still insufficiently digitized.

"The study highlights the significant need for digitization in the public sector. We guide you through the central fields of action: Online Access Act (OZG), specialized procedures, communication & collaboration, change management, data management & security, as well as document management (DMS). With this approach, we enable successful end-to-end digitization - comprehensive and with improved work environments." - Carsten Glohr, Managing Partner Detecon

Detecon accompanies public authorities and public institutions at the federal, state, and municipal levels in their digital transformation within the administration. Due to many years of experience in transformation processes of companies, we can derive important aspects for a successful digitalization in public administration from the study results. It is important to effectively harness new potential through modern technologies with an end-to-end approach. Discover the specific measures that can be derived from this.