d-NRW AöR: E-Government in North Rhine-Westphalia

d-NRW AöR is a public law institution with legal capacity, founded on January 01, 2017 by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Its sponsors are the state of NRW as well as municipalities, districts and regional associations, and the institution supports its sponsors in the use of information technology in public administration. The Online Access Act (OZG) obligates the federal, state, and local governments to also offer administrative services electronically via administrative portals. Detecon and T-Systems were commissioned with the conception and development of the "Serviceportal.NRW" and the "Bauportal.NRW". Thanks to the distinctive e-government and OZG expertise, the customer is optimally supported.



  • Large number of OZG services and associated specialized procedures to be implemented
  • Complex decision-making processes as well as budget and time planning in public administration
  • Different digitization levels and competencies in the municipalities. High number of different stakeholders.


  • "One-for-all principle" for reuse of existing or asset-based development of new solutions
  • Hybrid project management to combine classic conception and planning phases with agile and user-centric development phases
  • Uniform OZG architecture with standard components based on a modular system
  • Consistent involvement of municipalities, ministries, specialized process manufacturers and IT service providers

Customer benefits

  • User-centric development: user experience design & agile development
  • End-to-end perspective: from conceptual consulting to planning and execution of development to go-live of the operational system
  • Ability to deliver: access to a large and versatile pool of qualified resources for the implementation of parallel projects
  • Strong stakeholder involvement: Requirements workshops, round tables and many other formats to align all relevant stakeholders

Detecon Insights

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