Monheim am Rhein: Smart City Services

The city of Monheim am Rhein wanted to introduce smart city solutions within short project times. They range from smart parking and smart lighting to autonomous driving in public transport and user-friendly access to these services. A smart city app in combination with a city pass will be used.



  • Smart City services should have a consistent and easy-to-use "look and feel."
  • All Smart City services were to function in an integrated environment with a consistent user interface and easy access.
  • There was no ready-made use case for easy access: the product had to be designed from scratch.
  • The city of Monheim wanted to prepare for the deployment of an autonomous driving bus that would drive autonomously as an e-shuttle to the old town. 


  • All Smart City services were designed and implemented by just one service provider, with a strong focus on the uniform look and feel.
  • When developing the Smart-City app together with the City Pass, it was obvious to extend these access options to an even larger Smart-City ecosystem.
  • The Smart City app and the City Pass were designed by Detecon and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions together with the customer as part of a "co-creation" which involved the city of Monheim am Rhein in the conception and implementation process at an early stage.
  • Detecon advised the city of Monheim on the concept and technical requirements for autonomous driving in public transportation, evaluated available technologies, suppliers, infrastructure, and processes, and prepared the implementation.

Customer benefits

  • Advantageous pioneering achievement: The early implementation of the Smart City concept gives the city a marketing advantage.
  • New design pathways: Some smart city services were developed in "co-creation" with the city.
  • Valuable outcomes: Important use cases in the smart city strategy of Monheim am Rhein.
  • Smart-City architecture for easy integration City Pass: A basis for providing Smart-City services - also from third-party providers.
  • Part of an innovative smart-city ecosystem: strategic planning, design and implementation of all use cases from a single source.
  • Extended sustainability: As an "early adopter," Monheim is now preparing to offer sustainable solutions.
  • Since the beginning of 2020, Monheim am Rhein has had autonomous buses, i.e. buses that drive themselves.

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