Responsive Change Management

Flexibility as a success factor: How transformation succeeds sustainabl

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Our approach for successful transformation

Globalization, digitalization, pandemic & Co. - companies have to reinvent themselves on a regular basis in order to meet the constantly changing market requirements, customer and employee needs and thus to survive on the market in the long term. In these fast-moving times and against the backdrop of increasing complexity, the ability to change is therefore a central competence in the "New Normal", that much is clear. Nevertheless, the majority of change projects continue to fail!

We have learned from numerous (digital) transformations that sustainable positive change is only possible if the accompanying change management adapts to changing needs and developments at all times. From this insight, we have developed our Responsive Change approach, which combines a classic change model with an iterative process approach.

In this way, it takes advantage of the flexibility of agile structures. While a change architecture serves as a guiding framework, Responsive Change relies on phased detailing and regular, targeted adjustment of measures. In this way, feedback and learning experiences can be implemented promptly and the change project can be led to success. Following an analysis of the initial situation, our approach within the Responsive Change model provides for the conception and implementation of a change architecture along the action fields of control, vision, communication, employee empowerment and leadership (adaptation and design according to your specific problem). Here, the constant focus is on the inclusion of all stakeholders and co-creation with internal change and communication resources in order to initiate sustainable change that can be scaled into the organization. Continuous monitoring not only ensures that the project is aligned with the needs of the stakeholders, but also makes the success of the change project measurable and thus visible.

    Our consulting services for Responsive Change Management

    • Survey of the status quo of internal and external factors to be considered in the change process (change impact, stakeholder and training needs analysis, personas, desk research, conducting interviews)
    • Design and implementation of a change architecture and the associated measures along relevant fields of action
    • Development and implementation of an accompanying communication concept
    • Development of vision, guiding principles and crash barriers for the change project
    • Design of cultural and technical enabling formats for employees, including train-the-trainer / training of change agents for scaling into the field
    • Leadership development and empowerment
    • Identification of metrics, monitoring via OKR dashboards

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