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Explore our Detecon theme world and get real insights from our consultants, our daily work on projects and our culture far away from typical consulting clichés.

Entry @Detecon

Become a #truedigitaltransformer of Detecon and drive exciting projects with us. We offer you the right entry to your experience.

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Development @Detecon

Culture @Detecon

Culture @Detecon

We believe in individual career paths and want you to have the best conditions for your start with us. We support you from day one and accompany you to your goals. On your career track we support you with our network and our training landscape.

Individual Career Model

Individual Career Model

We are not an up-or-out consultancy, but allow for different development speeds and promote them. Fast track or permanently working at one level, expert or partner track: we are the consultancy of choice for future senior executives in large corporations and CxOs.

Network @Detecon

Detecon Network

Buddy-Program, Mentoring, Personal Development Leader, Young Consultant Network - We offer you the maximum of support to really board on and then take off with us.

Trainings & Coachings

Whether IT-, telco- and technical-skills or visualization, consulting instruments or design-thinking-trainings - our portfolio offers the optimal further development program for all employees. We use both external certifications and a large number of internal workshops.


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#2 Collegial and appreciative
#4 Freedom in the Matrix
#6 Development instead of Up-or-Out

Our colleagues

Get to know your future colleagues and their topics

Ulrike Amann
Recruiting Manager
Kamran Roske
Consultant, Practice Networked Infrastructures
Sarah Süß
Sarah Suess
Consultant, Practice Company ReBuilding
Hier sollte ein Bild von Jonas Holtermann zu sehen sein
Jonas Holtermann
Business Analyst, Core Functions & Optimization
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