Future Telco: Your Successful Positioning in Digital Transformation

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Telecommunications providers today are in the midst of the second wave of digitalization; highly reliable connectivity is the basis for digital living and working, so it is a crucial factor for the future competitiveness of national economies. It is only logical that industrial policy and regulation are exercising an ever greater influence on the telecommunications ecosystem. Commerce driven by the internet and data is governed by increasingly strict regulations while security, public control, and questions of ethics are gaining in importance. We show how these developments will generate opportunities for telecommunications providers and identify specific focal points for action.

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Digital Telco 2030

2030 will be a significant milestone on the way to a "Digital Telco". In our usual manner, we again take a look at the relevant fields of action for telcos in this publication. These range from the efficient provision of the required network coverage and network capacity, the softwareization and cloudification of the networks, and the options for building partnerships and eco-systems at various stages of the value chain, to examples of a successful product and service portfolio, skills management, and measures for climate protection. Read more about it here.

Digital Telco 2030 Booklet
Digital Telco 2030 Booklet

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Future Telco: Our Solutions for Your Future

We have been analyzing market developments, technologies, and added-value chains under the broad classification of Future Telco since 2014. We combine the latest findings in the consultancy sector with the farsightedness of selected industry experts and create solutions that make your company fit

The Seven Levers of Future Telco

Detecon has defined seven groups of “levers” that, when applied at the right points, will secure a successful start into the next decade for telecommunications providers.

Integrated Network Infrastructure
Modern Network Concepts
Focused Innovation
Empowerment Wholesale
Customer Centricity
Internal Enablers


Unsere Kunden, unsere Projekte

European Aviation Network - Pioneering In-Flight Connectivity

As a trusted partner of Deutsche Telekom, Detecon is supporting the construction of the first LTE network for in-flight communication with real broadband on board aircraft. Detecon is responsible for the management of the program and supports the engineering of the mobile network.

Analysis of the Internet IP transit and peering market in Singapore.
Wholesale and Retail

Detecon was commissioned by the client to conduct a study to assess market effectiveness at the wholesale and retail levels and to examine the impact of the international Internet connectivity business on domestic ISPs in Singapore.

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Jörg Borowski
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Dr. Markus Steingröver
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