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Design, Implement, Govern

As the link between business and IT strategy, the enterprise architecture (EA) outlines the framework for IT solutions. It describes IT structures, standards, processes and shared corporate services. An EA's function is to support corporate business areas and IT experts in shared planning processes and in comprehensively further developing the IT architecture.

Our Services

EAM not only creates transparency, but also offers methods and processes for aligning the cooperation of business and IT in a targeted manner in the sense of sustainable competitive advantages. For this purpose, Detecon offers a broad, field-tested EAM service portfolio as well as effective, practice-oriented, and innovative approaches to the challenges of digital transformation.

EAM Maturity Assessment


  • Unknown effectiveness of EAM
  • Lack of Business IT Alignment
  • Governance not efficient e.g. projects are not EA but person driven
  • Unknown maturity of EAM
  • No priority on improvement actions


  • Perform well-established maturity assessment by senior EAM advisors
  • Setting the frame
  • Gather information and stakeholder voices
  • Concrete localization of the main fields of action
  • Recommendations for action "on the spot”


  • Ready to seek support from management and stakeholders to invest where necessary
  • Clear picture of the gaps and fields of action
  • Customized action items by EAM advisors
  • Actionable roadmap for corporate success

EAM strategy


  • Enterprises are driven by new technologies, short innovation cycles, agility needs and a complex and volatile environment.
  • This restlessness can easily absorb your enterprise. New business models and digital opportunities pop up every day creating additional pressure.


  • Set the stage to grow beyond technology and proactively support business goals by managing your IT systematically with an EAM Vision/ Strategy.
  • It will serve as the benchmark/ target for all your actions and enable you to develop a blueprint for your specific EAM journey.


  • EAM Vision/ Strategy supports agility, drives innovation, supports decisions and helps to exit the ivory tower with clear focus on your core business, avoiding costly distractions and clarification on added value for stakeholders & decision makers.

Architecture principles


  • IT is becoming increasingly important, but at the same time its alignment with the corporate strategy is often non-existent or poor.
  • Unclear criteria for checking the quality of IT projects.
  • No or little guidance for decisions.
  • Little transparency in strategic decisions affecting the IT landscape.


  • Align principles with overall strategy by involving senior management in shaping the principles as policies/guidelines.
  • Architecture principles provide an orientation framework for decision-making.
  • Principles as evaluation criteria for management bodies and as criteria for quality assurance of IT projects.


  • Decisions are sustainable and transparent.
  • Guidance for strategic decisions at the application, data, and technology levels.
  • Architecture principles serve as guard rails for focus in shaping the development of the architecture landscape.

EAM Ramp-up


  • Lack of Business IT Alignment
  • Lack of transparency leads to risks of slower investment decision
  • High risks of missing architecture synergies
  • Inefficent requirements management
  • Governance not efficient e.g. projects are not EA but person driven


  • Establishing a common language by providing Innovation expertise and open standards.
  • Supporting our clients in successful agile and sustainable digital transformation
  • Empowering the architectural function in planning and portfolio management – from ivory tower to the action


  • Transparency on IT and Business
  • Shorter project duration and optimized scope
  • Faster integration of new technologies
  • More flexibility for new business models
  • Early identification of gaps and redundancies for rationalization

Lean EAM

The demands on IT departments are changing rapidly due to new technologies and new framework conditions such as Covid 19, which is due to the innovation efforts in companies, new skills are needed and the demands of the internal organization on IT are becoming increasingly diverse.

Detecon offers a modular Application Portfolio Management Service for the sustained improvement and increase in the flexibility and resilience of the IT organization. Based on the business strategy, implications for the IT are derived and transferred to active application portfolio management and IT portfolio controlling. The services offered range from the anchoring of governance to the maturity assessment of capabilities, consolidation, decommissioning and/or modernization of IT landscapes.

IT Management Tools / EAM-Tool


  • Lack of transparency across IT landscape and KPIs.
  • Distributed data silos without linkage
  • Manual aggregation of data
  • Redundant data maintenance in multiple tools
  • Large effort to collect data for decision support


  • Integrated tool chain of IT management tools with high data quality.
  • "Lean Information Exchange with your EAM-Tool
  • Collaborative EAM tool - for business and IT
  • Best practice tools per management function


  • Transparency and efficiency across multiple management functions
  • Up-to-date data from the source system
  • Early detection of risks
  • Business and IT alignment
  • Accelerated IT transformation


As basis for our architecture work at Detecon, we went with "TOGAF ® standard, Version 10" from The Open Group as an open and widely accepted standard. Through the benefits of this strong methodology, we have developed extensive experience in successful projects with clients of varying sizes and industries. Based on its basic structures, we apply TOGAF to enable our customers to go on a successful digital transformation journey. We apply the framework with our clients to successfully execute their digital transformation journey based on the basic structures of TOGAF. Detecon's architecture consultants are trained on TOGAF and thus provide deep TOGAF expertise and broad experience.


TOGAF® is a registered trademark of The Open Group

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