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New Paths for the CIO Organization

Digitalization is challenging the CIO organization. Complex tasks lie ahead due to new business models and strategies, innovations and technological opportunities that shift priorities in the age of digitalization. In addition, the desire for a flexible and agile organization is forcing CIOs to break new ground.

Detecon accompanies the CIO in this transformation and the challenge of business value, technology excellence, and service management while taking reliable information security and data protection into account.

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What are the tasks of the CIO organization of the future? What steps does a sustainable transformation require? How is effective protection of values ensured?

IT Strategy

The CIO organization of the future is based on a holistic approach which takes into account the organization, the processes, the technology, and the data of a company. 

Detecon distinguishes itself in the definition and implementation of IT strategies through a combination of a deep understanding of the business-strategic requirements as well as technology and implementation expertise. CIO strategies have already been successfully developed and implemented in several companies and industries.

IT Transformation

The transformed IT organization equips companies for the disruptive future. Key achievements include high adoption, faster implementation, and creative and motivated employees who work both interdisciplinarily and independently in close collaboration. As a result, transformed IT organizations create new value for internal and external customers while maintaining business continuity

This transformation always encompasses many aspects from the areas of organization, people, processes and technology, which only when considered together enable a successful transformation.


Agile IT Service Management

Co-creation of services at high speed - companies today operate in the world of VUCA:

"Volatility" ("Volatility"), "Uncertainty" ("Uncertainty"), "Complexity" ("Complexity") and "Ambiguity" ("Ambiguity").

Sudden change, disruptive technologies, cybersecurity, or consumer pressures require solutions that are quickly marketable and designed to deliver superior customer experiences.

Adopting Agile ITSM is an approach that combines the elements of several existing industry standards such as ITIL4, Scaled Agile, Lean, COBIT, and the DevOps philosophy of service and product delivery. In this context, the Agile ITSM instance to be adopted by the customer can also be developed in an Agile model, depending on the customer's way of working.

The modularity and flexibility of the Agile ITSM model makes it applicable in organizations of all sizes and in almost all industries. The multi-tier structure allows further detailing of the model based on the customer's specific requirements.


IT Security / IT Compliance

Detecon distinguishes itself in the implementation of Security & Compliance through a combination of a deep understanding of the technical and strategic requirements as well as technology and implementation competence.

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