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Ecosystem of Digital Twins

From raw data to business impact - our goal is a seamless and continuous flow of information along the entire lifecycle of products and services. The team Industrial IoT supports our customers in making the best possible use of object information - for example, with the help of the digital twin concept. Through these industry-specific, dynamic software models, we enable our customers to simulate, analyze and ultimately control their ecosystems existing in the physical world - from component and sensor data. Testbeds show how existing obstacles are overcome, e.g. by ensuring low latency using edge computing.

Implemented dashboard for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Our Consulting Portfolio

Information Strategy

Above all, digitization means lots of data. That's why you need an information strategy now! How do you turn data into relevant information with a proven, positive impact on your business? An Information-centric approach is the driver for success in the fields of action of modern manufacturing based on a cyber-physical production system.

Agile PLM

We have worked with customers and partners to develop and implement a pioneering process for digital consistency in product & service development. Our activity allocation includes: Product Portfolio Planning, Requirement Management, Product Architecture Definition, Data & Information Management, Configuration & Change Management, Integration Management.

Digital Twin / Digital Thread

The Digital Thread enables seamless tracking of the entire product lifecycle and create a uniform information basis for optimizing production, maintenance and further development. The Digital Twin is a model of a real system of systems. In our model, data from different sources are merged in a semantic context. Along the Digital Thread, this can be historical, current, or projected to the future. This optimally satisfies the information needs of the business units.

Enterprise Architecture Management / Model based System Engineering / Semantic Web

Methodical approaches from different disciplines smartly combined enable the cross-trade flow of information: With EAM and MBSE it becomes clear, which steps have to be developed with which result in order to transform the requirements of all parties involved into solutions suitable for all. Semantic Web approaches create a common language and describe interdisciplinary relationships. With Digital Twin and Digital Thread you can create user-oriented views of what is, what was and what is to come

Real Estate / Smart Factory

Proof-of-Concept: Real estate, e.g. a factory, is a complex system of systems. Our interdisciplinary approach is transferring consolidated requirements losslessly to accepted solutions with hardware-in-the-loop.

Data Thinking

This process of "Data Thinking" developed by Detecon combines the focus on the technical field of action with agile methods for solution design and implementation. It is intended to ensure that data-driven projects can be completed with a higher success rate. Based on various proofs of concept, implementation difficulties are already identified in lab mode and can be weighed against each other before implementation.

Digital Lab for Industrial IoT

Visit our showcases and share your experiences with us. In our Industrial IoT Lab we test innovative technologies and develop hybrid prototypes.

Examples for Testbeds@DEC

Ecosystem of Digital Twins – How can the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of our test factory be improved?

  • Detecon Use Case Database for manufacturing / Implementation in an information architecture
  • Digital twin per workstation
  • Digital twin of the entire production (system-of-systems)
  • Interaction with the plant using natural language

Digital Building Twin - How can the lifecycle management of a building be implemented as a data-centric business model?
Develop and implement a data-centric business model for companies and their real estate management ecosystem

  • Development of the Enterprise Architecture and an MVP with selected solution partners
  • Acquiring customers and investment partners

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