5G-Campus as Test Site for Industry
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Explore and try out campus networks and ideas

Experience the potentials of 5G

5G is the new standard for innovative companies that want to achieve extraordinary things. Detecon has therefore opened a test site for 5G campus networks in the corporate environment at its headquarters in Cologne. The "FiveGDock" is intended to provide users with good guidance in selecting from a wide range of options even before they roll out their own strategies.

We invite you to explore and try out our FiveGDock as an ecosystem for use cases and pioneering digitization technologies. The result is a cross-industry demo center with scenarios for visionary office, logistics or production applications, in which we bring the potential of 5G to life for our customers and illustrate it individually. The platform offers flexibly expandable showcases such as

  • AGV Robotics
  • Wifi/5G comparisons
  • IoT sensor technology
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality Demos

From vision to reality

Test your 5G campus network concept before you implement it

At the FiveGDock, companies have the opportunity to test their concept before actually setting up their own network. Instead of investing heavily in the unknown, they can try out, test and adjust on a small scale. The campus is capable of mapping a wide variety of use cases and enables those responsible to draw appropriate conclusions about the strategy that has been developed.

What are the potentials for companies in the use of 5G campus networks?

Detecon FiveGDock supports companies and organisations in testing and deploying 5G campus networks. Detecon expert Christian Maasem explains possible opportunities and specific use cases of 5G in a video interview.

Interested? We are looking forward to meeting you:

Use Cases 5G

Detecon sees itself as a pioneer for hyperconnectivity. In order for companies to achieve optimal benefits with 5G and campus networks, we want to share our own experiences in the FiveGDock and support industry participants from the initial assessment, prototyping to implementation in one of the most important transformations of the current era.

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5G-Campus networks in a nutshell

The Campus networks give companies the opportunity to set up their own 5G networks. For this purpose, the Federal Network Agency provides local 5G frequencies for companies that want to set up networks for local applications on their own premises (campus). This means that cellular mobile communications can be used autonomously and tailored by industries in private networks. Therefore Campus networks offer enormous opportunities: In particular greater flexibility, efficiency, and the very high reliability of networking are key motives for using 5G in a company's own business and production processes and thus a key factor for modern, digital business models.

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