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Security is Core Competence for Digitalization

The digitization of society and the business world is leading to ever greater dependence on digital technologies. Many business models today are already based on the reliability and robustness of digital services and technologies. Cyber incidents are the most important business risk for companies worldwide. Cyber security is thus a necessary core competence for providing reliable products and services for customers in a sustainable way in the digital future.

As experts for Cyber Security, we analyze, assess and improve the security and threat situation of our customers using risk- and value-based methods. In doing so, we leverage the expertise of our global partnership network to always develop appropriate solutions for individual challenges. Our goal is to develop our customers securely into the digital future and establish resilient cyber defenses for digital business models, products and services. Our services cover all areas of cyber security.

Our Consulting Portfolio

Cyber Security Innovation / Research & Development

In our global start-up and innovation scouting network (Silicon Valley, Silicon Wadi and Silicon Allee), we identify and evaluate innovations at an early stage. We provide cyber security, start-up, technology and innovation scouting and conduct customized executive visits in Silicon Valley and Silicon Wadi.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

To effectively mitigate security risks to an organization, they must first be identified and assessed. We analyze the risk to systems (i.e., specific technology deployments such as firewalls, new management software, etc.), products (i.e., in the development phase, these should be assessed for risk), or organizations (i.e., overall risk of security incidents) based on international risk assessment standards (e.g., NIST 800-30, ISO 27005, OCTAVE). The Cyber Security Risk Assessment is the critical, first step in ensuring a sustainable and robust level of security.

Cyber Security Strategy

A prerequisite for the successful development of cyber security competencies is the development and implementation of an overarching strategy for cyber security. With our risk- and value-based approach, we support organizations in their strategy along the entire lifecycle of products and services.

Cyber Security Assessments

With selective assessments, we analyze individual components or areas of cyber security. Examples include CDC/SOC, SIEM, network, zero trust, and NIS assessments, as well as comprehensive maturity checks. In addition to technical aspects, we also consider organizational factors and make overarching recommendations.

Cyber Security Awareness

People are often considered the weakest link in cyber defense. Effective and efficient awareness of employees and partners is an important building block. We develop and support companies in setting up a holistic cyber awareness program to strengthen awareness and protection in a targeted manner.

ISMS / ISO 27001

Based on our analysis of the current maturity level of information security, we develop guidelines and support the establishment and documentation of processes. In addition, we conduct further technical reviews to derive actionable and goal-oriented measures and structure them in a roadmap for a successful security audit.


We support a wide range of public and private sector organizations in the area of cyber security. Our internationally active customers come from various industries (communications, services and manufacturing). We are happy to provide references upon request.

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