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Our exclusive Detecon InnoCircle

A network of digital decision makers

The InnoCircle is an exclusive network created by Detecon in which digital decision-makers exchange ideas on current, innovative technologies and discuss trend topics which represent added business value. Competent expert presentations create a basis for discourse with the goal of learning and profiting from each other in this way. Building on the intensive discussion of top trends, new use cases can be developed together.  

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What is the concept of the Detecon InnoCircle?

The Detecon InnoCircle offers clients and interested parties an innovative format in which they can exchange ideas on current top trends with experts from across industries. By holding discussions with selected participants about current topics and their own status quo, room for new ideas and potential for concrete use cases can be developed.

In this way, participants can expand their portfolios and, thanks to the exclusive network which has been established, can be informed more quickly and in a more targeted manner about new top issues. The Detecon InnoCircle is held every two months and offers a selected group of participants discussions and further exchange on a specific topic. External guest speakers could also bring new perspectives to the topics. 

The location of the discussion depends on the selected focus topic. The events are primarily organized at Detecon's headquarters and other locations. However, it is also possible to hold an event at a host location. The duration is approximately two to four hours, but can vary depending on the selected topic.

For whom is the program relevant?

Our goal is to bring together the digital decision-makers of organizations around the table. Accordingly, only people who match the requirements shall be invited. All interested parties can sign up via a registration portal. The number of persons at an event is limited to a maximum of 10. Detecon explicitly selects the participants and invites them separately in the next step. This ensures that the right people are brought together. 

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Your benefits

  • Take part in unique discussions on current trends and get first-hand insights.  
  • Become a pioneer in your industry and be one of the first to take the next step.  
  • View innovations from new perspectives and identify new potentials.   
  • Create a unique network and benefit from the experience. 

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