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Always One Step Ahead

Leveraging future-oriented exploration, tech knowledge & applied craft, we bring user needs together with the latest digital trends & technologies, for the benefit of our clients. 

The Strategic Design & Innovation team supports clients throughout the entire human-centered innovation and implementation process, uncovering customer needs through research, facilitating participative innovation and strategy building, creating prototypes and supporting implementation of innovative digital products & services. 

We do this, by bridging the gap between the domains of business, technology, society, strategy, innovation and creativity, through a collaborative and design driven approach.

Our Consulting Portfolio

Buildup Customer Understanding

Explore & understand current and future customer mindsets and environments.

Define Innovation Strategy

Identify systemic challenges and define innovative customer-centric approaches to capitalize on strategic opportunities

Create Digital Solution Concepts

Ideate and explore digital solutions to address challenges affecting customers in the current or future ecosystems.

Design & Prototype Digital Solutions:

Define digital solution functionalities and create prototypes or proof of concepts for testing and iteration

Train & Coach User-Centric Innovation, Design & Agility

Develop or improve company capabilities in customer-centric innovation, customer & user experience design, rapid prototyping and agile development methods.

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