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Creating Data-driven Business

With the Analytical Intelligence approach, we pursue both the conceptual and prototypical implementation of data-driven business models. With our data thinking approach, we systematically support companies in their business plans to implement artificial intelligence or comprehensive analytics. We help from idea generation to the definition of data-centric use cases and associated business models to architecture and algorithmic solution design.

Demonstration of financial and technical feasibility also includes prototypical implementation of the conceptualized use cases.

For this purpose, we use modern Big Data tools, analytics algorithms and AI technologies in our self-developed exhibits.


By combining modern co-innovation approaches, aspects of agility, and the typical cycles of data science projects, we have developed a process that bundles the possible questions as well as the challenges and requirements of digitization projects across industries, illuminates them in a structured manner, and thus makes them solvable.

Our Consulting Portfolio

Design Thinking + Data Science + Agility = Data Thinking:

Prerequisites for the successful implementation of analytical or AI solution approaches are a clear strategy, relevant prioritization and concrete implementation steps. We define these with the help of data thinking together with our customers - and put the analytical concepts and an agile way of working in the foreground.

Prototype development:

Together with our customers, we develop solution strategies for small proof-of-concept projects. Using prototypes, we analyze the essential aspects for a solution and test them in reality. Bon appetit!

Digitization Strategy, Data Strategy und Data Centricity:

In order to improve existing business models or implement new ones, an overarching strategy is required. This strategy must explain the necessary paths to digitization of all data, it must represent the target image of an architecture, and it must place the data at the center, i.e. in the center. We therefore support our customers in defining higher-level strategies.

Analytical Intelligence im Versicherungssektor

On this topic, also read the article by Igor Schnakenburg and Nikolaos Vlachantonis on the use of AI in the insurance industry in Insurance Today: Insurers have potential in their extensive databases

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