Telco Mergers & Acquisitions — Strategic Background and Industry Trends

The Detecon Spotlight “Telco Mergers and Acquisitions — Strategic Background and Industry Trends” has been observing worldwide transaction trends in the telecommunications industry for many years. As in previous years, we provide strategic insights and discuss the underlying deliberations that drove market activity in 2020.

A look back at 2020 reveals that the Covid-19 pandemic dictated the pace of the game in many regions of the world. While in the meantime Asia has begun to show signs of resurgence, Europe and North America continued their economic struggles in early 2021.

Nevertheless, 2020 did not prove to be the catastrophic year for the telecommunications industry that initial expectations predicted. It is true that numerous pending deals and negotiations were suspended in early 2020, but confidence rebounced later during the year. This was particularly true for Europe, which remained a major M&A hub in 2020. With so many jobs and school instruction shifting into the online sphere, telecommunications companies have been designated as essential to society.

This is also reflected in the customer perception of telecommunications companies and increased demand for telco services. From a commercial perspective, customers are also looking at better service offerings to satisfy their needs and wishes.

In contrast to our past editions, we will now be focusing more closely on observed trends and motivations rather than on analyses of deals. Relevant deals relating to the observed trends will be highlighted. Please feel free to contact us at any time; we would be delighted to hear what topics you want to see us emphasize more in next year’s edition!

"Spotlight - Telco Mergers and Acquisitions Strategic Backgrounds, Use Cases and Future Developments." Download the spotlight here.

Many thanks for contributing to this Spotlight to Tim Vogel and Christopher Wörndle