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Strategic Finance as a Key Driver

Long-term Change and Business Success

Strategic finance has the main goal to drive the corporate finance function on identifying and reaching long-term business strategy goals, including growth, cost reduction, sustainability, and asset optimization.

Detecon’s approach and competencies are divided into organic and inorganic areas that support the overall business strategy of clients. Detecon helps clients delivering projects that combine competencies with specific technical and management knowledge in diverse industries.


Our Services

Strategic projects and assessments

Detecon supports corporate departments to assess strategic ideas and initiatives that generate business value by its quantification and verification through market research, technical expertise, and business cases. 

  • Strategic ideas quantification 
  • Market research 
  • Business casing and financial modelling

Strategic planning

Detecon’s approach is to optimize the planning process to a planning center of excellence through an agile project management: 

  • Analysis of the existing planning and control model (gap analysis, interdependencies). 
  • Definition of the planning requirements (planning process modeling, master data hierarchies, KPI driver tree). 
  • Implementation of the new planning model (process integrated planning and reporting, budgeting, automation and AI). 

Cost Management

Detecon supports its clients on the optimization of CAPEX and OPEX through efficiencies in diverse areas: 

OPEX Optimization 

  • Process / operating efficiency: reduce working volume and / or scope (synergy with subsidiaries) 
  • Employee efficiency: utilizing fluctuation and / or relocating employees 
  • System and network efficiency 
  • Financial efficiency (revenue assurance, performance management, SLA management) 

CAPEX Optimization 

  • Network and IT demand and investment planning 
  • Use of technology available (e.g. NFV, SDN) 
  • Cloudification  and standardization 
  • Consolidation (quantity of  servers, NT equipment, NW sharing, etc.) 
  • Synergy projects 

M&A and divestiture

Detecon provides End-to-End solutions in alignment with the client’s M&A transaction strategy. In addition, Detecon provides support in all phases of the M&A process and divestitures. 

  • Investor support: Detecon provides a long-term view on existing market players and business models keeping a close look at challengers and game-changers as well. Detecon’s approach: Targets screening → profiling → short-listing → selection of pitches and potential partners 
  • Due Diligence: We support our clients in the process of probing, pinpointing, and identifying key issues that affect a potential acquisition target. Depending on the project scope, our multi-disciplinary teams assess and deep dive into technical and business aspects of the target such as financial, commercial and organizational. 
  • Transaction management and analysis: We support our clients in the preparation of the business case and financial fact book. In addition, we support setting up a Data Room  with a project management office. 
  • Post-Merger Integration: A fully fledged PMI is necessary to unlock the potentials. Detecon supports its clients from the planning and execution of the PMI with an expert team overseeing commercial, technical, legal and organizational aspects. 
  • Carve-out (companies, assets / network): We support our clients in all the phases of a divestitures from a feasibility study and identification of scope, to separation, and finally to a successful “Day 1 Readiness” and “Go-Live”. 

Business Insights

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