Detecon Spotlight 2022: Telco Mergers & Acquisitions

Contrary to popular belief, the pandemic did not continue to dampen M&A activity in 2021. On the contrary, deal volume has recovered and the market is even growing. Thus demonstrating the strategic importance of M&A business for companies again, especially in times of crisis. 

But the situation remains lively - there have been further risks added beside the pandemic and the disruptive market changes. Uncertainty increases mainly because of regulatory chages as well as interest rate developments and tax policy. 

With our Detecon Spotlight "Telco Mergers and Acquisitions" we offer a comprehensive insight ito M&A transactions in the telecommunications industry worldwide. 

However, this year´s edition is special as we broaden our horizon and do not only take a look at the transactions that continue to dominate in Europe and North America but those which effect Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America as well. 

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The Authors

Björn Menden, Sasha Wakounig, Christopher Wörndle, Sergio Torres, Anastasia Wallner

Many thanks to Falk Schröder, Thomas Wehr, Thomas Switala and Ulrike Eberhard for the interviews and to Avash Pardhootman, Matteo Dadda and Till Leveringhaus for their valuable contributions to this year's edition of the Detecon M&A Spotlight!