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Application process and start of internship at Detecon

Max, Intern

Max studied International Management at the IUBH and successfully completed his Bachelor's degree. Before beginning his Master's degree in Finance & Management at St. Andrews University, he decided to do an internship in Operational Excellence.

What makes management consulting so exciting for you?

I chose management consultancy because there is hardly any other industry that is so dynamic and fast-moving. The learning curve in this industry is exponential, which gives me the opportunity to learn and develop very quickly. Another reason is the high level of diversified tasks. Every project includes new challenges to grow and new customers, from large corporations to start-ups, everything is there. Furthermore, I like being on the road and getting to know new countries as well as languages and people with different cultural backgrounds.

Why did you choose Detecon?

I did not want to gain practical experience in any management consultancy, but in a consultancy that deals with highly topical and future-relevant topics. Detecon not only advises customers, but also prepares its customers for the future.

The world is in the second wave of digitalization and topics such as Artifical Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Autonomous Systems are topics that companies are very busy with. Detecon is a leading management consultancy that combines management consulting and digital technology expertise. That's exactly what I find so exciting, so it was clear to me: that's where I wanted to go!

Another important point for me was to be employed in a management consultancy where you are integrated into the team and involved in a project as an intern from day one. Detecon's corporate culture enables me to make a concrete contribution as an intern and to take action. This enables me to learn a lot and to develop both professionally and personally.
I find the collegial working environment particularly valuable. The consultants help each other and thus bring together different strengths, which I personally find very valuable and efficient.

How did the application process go?

As part of my application, I sent Detecon a short letter of motivation, my curriculum vitae and all previous certificates. Immediately after one week, a Managing Partner contacted me and invited me to a telephone interview with him and a Senior Consultant.
The interview lasted about 30 minutes and was, in my opinion, very demanding. I was asked questions about skills that a consultant should have, right up to financial and IT specific questions. At the end of the conversation I was assured that I would receive prompt feedback. Just one week later I was delighted to receive the confirmation and signed my employment contract.

How was your start at Detecon?

In the first two days, all new employees go through the so-called onboarding process. In this two-day seminar important contacts introduce themselves and important company-specific tools are presented. In addition, you will also get your IT equipment these days.
The presentation of the HR department was also very exciting, as it showed which demands are made on the different career levels.

In addition, the company-specific training calendar was presented. This calendar contains all possible trainings from basic/advanced Excel and power point trainings to consulting instruments and leadership trainings. Depending on the level, you can participate in these trainings. Especially for me as an intern, the trainings are a great opportunity to further develop my skills in various areas.
Another point with which we were familiarized was the right approach to generate knowledge and information.
On the last day we were introduced to various consulting instruments and skills which are very important for future project work. Finally, we were given tips and tricks on how to make project work and the life of consultants more efficient.

In summary, I can say that these two days were very informative and helpful as they made my start in the company much easier. I particularly liked the collegial atmosphere and the fact that all participants were very open. This gave them the opportunity to make initial contacts quickly and to talk to prospective senior consultants and managing consultants.

I am incredibly looking forward to the next months in the project and I am excited that I can support the consultants on their projects more day by day and I am gradually learning more and improving my skills.

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