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Is your company less agile than your competitors are? How do you create open interfaces for partners and start-ups? How can you align your project portfolio with corporate strategy goals? How does digitalization influence your processes and IT? What about the Cloud Readiness of your IT architecture? All these questions are typical enterprise-architecture problems.

Each company has an architecture as an organizational logic for business processes and IT systems. Often, however, it prevents more than it benefits. Despite the agreement on the target architecture, many transformation projects fail due to the unclear tailoring of the individual projects. There is a lack of transparency about critical interdependencies and a lack of knowledge about the relationships between company strategy and IT landscape.

EAM not only creates transparency, but also provides methods and processes to enable a common approach to business and IT. The aim is to achieve permanent competitive advantage.

Detecon offers not only a broad, tried-and-tested EAM method portfolio, but also effective, innovative approaches to deal with the challenges of digital transformation. Join with us into a dialogue to identify the relevant fields of action!

New in the world of Enterprise Architecture Management

Can you start Enterprise Architecture in 25 days? Detecon just did it!

Michael Schomisch, Head of Corporate ICT at Detecon, has conducted an experiment with the goal of structuring Detecon itself according to an Enterprise Architecture approach in 25 days. And this, while getting GDPR-compliant on the side, which in itself more

Quick look at Taking @IT4IT on #ITSM journey by @Axelos_GBP #ITIL

Detecon, like Axelos, is also putting minds to work to have an opinion on the interplay of ITIL and IT4IT and it is refreshing to see the ITIL owner itself is drawing similar conclusions. Interesting points are the parallels drawn between young IT4IT and new ITIL Practitioner re-fresh and its principles. IT4IT actually being more on par with current realities seems to be setting the tone now.

Build proper IoT Frameworks with Enterprise Architecture

As organizations move from initial experimentation to full deployment of IoT solutions, it becomes more important to set up an adequate Enterprise Architecture that supports the path to an IoT friendly infrastructure. This article describes the main obsta more

@IT4IT with respect to #ITSM and adoption trends @warfieldgb #IT4IT #ITIL #ITOM

Interesting article from Dan Warfield (IT4IT Forum). A good introduction to IT4IT. For me the most interesting bits are on the support the IT4IT can render to frameworks like ITIL but above all an expected commitment from the ITSM and ITOM tool vendors to finally adopt the IT4IT standard in their offering. There is also a mention of the standard going v.3.0 in the coming 18 months.

Taking traditional enterprise architecture into the digital age

This article discusses a different approach to Enterprise Architecture Management in order to meet todays required flexibility and speed in changing the Enterprise Architecture in order to meet the needs for digital transformation. The authors have called this new approach "perpetual evolution". It calls for a more modular architecture design and decentralized architecture governance approach.

Harnessing the power of the Connected Enterprise

How to develop a Connected Enterprise and enable the associated benefits e.g. improved product quality, increased production efficiency and reduction in costs? In this context, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) play a major role in enhancing communication and unlocking the manufacturing plants data using secure, standards based industrial automation systems.

EAM Standards - A pledge on the Enterprise Continuum

When talking about TOGAF standards there exist different opinions on its elements and their applicability for real-world applications. One reason for this is that the benefit of the elements is not always clear. This article points out the value of the E more

Enduring Misconceptions about Enterprise Architecture – Part 1

This article by the @opengroup talks about enduring misconceptions about the role of Enterprise Architects. Is an architect something like and engineer? - No! Is an architect something like a developer - definitely not!! There are clear definitions of which each role does. Terence Blevins, a Fellow of The Open Group, talks about this giving easy understandable examples.

Without enterprise architecture, the Internet of Things is just... things

According to a report published by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) there exist four primary architectures associated with IoT: Device-to-device, Device-to-cloud, Device-to-gateway, and Cloud-to-cloud. In order to leverage the full potential more

The Role of Enterprise Architecture in Platform 3.0 Transformation

Our transition to the highly-connected realm of Platform 3.0 will radically disrupt the way that we approach Enterprise Architecture (EA), said Stuart Macgregor, CEO, Real IRM and The Open Group South Africa. more


Global Innovation Index has announced top innovative countries

As Business Insider reports (, the most innovative countries have been ranked for 2017. The original report is an interesting read.

Selected excerpts from our consulting portfolio

With the new release SAP S4, many companies face the question "whether" and "how" they should migrate their existing SAP landscape. Many approaches consider a purely technological changeover, thereby missing the chance to improve for the future.

With the S4 Architecture Roadmap, Detecon is developing a business-driven approach that puts a future business model at the center of its focus. From this perspective, the differences to the current business model, and how S4 can support them, are determined. This results in a business-oriented roadmap, supplemented by the technological prerequisites, to achieve a changeover that generates business value.

Graphic about S4 Architecture Roadmap

Your contact person
Ramtin Mesbahipour Iranian
+49 221 91611933

When companies want to increase the maturity of their enterprise architecture, it is vital to train the architecture management skills of their employees.

For years, Detecon is offering a curriculum that focuses on EAM knowledge building. The core component of the portfolio is the four-day TOGAF® 9.1 training, which is certified by the Open Group. This training prepares the participants for a TOGAF certification and submits a voucher for each exam. An integrated use case illustrates the content of the training, including hands-on exercises with an EAM tool. In addition, a wide range of application and implementation examples from our consulting experience enriches the learning material. Based on this knowledge, we offer one-day specialization trainings covering topics such as "Capability Based Planning" and "Establishment of EA Functions in Organizations".

Sometimes it is not a matter of accomplishing deep knowledge, but of understanding the foundations of architectural work. When departments and IT work together on major transformations, aligning both sides with a common approach and a common language has proven to be a success factor. The one- to two-day TOGAF® overview seminars of Detecon provide precisely these basic principles.

Graphic about EAM with TOGAF®

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Dr. Maximilian Zündt
+41 43 8886557

To master the great challenges of digital transformation, it is necessary to establish and develop various digital capabilities (see also Digitaler Navigator). In contrast to "technology" and "processes", the supposedly more interesting and promising dimensions of an ability, the factor "human" continues to receive far less attention in the context of digitalization. As management consultancy, which is particularly concerned with working environments of the future under the keyword Future Work, we have now combined both established consulting approaches and analyzed future digital possibilities for the efficient design of production workplaces under the working title "EAM meets Future Work".

We have developed working environments based on interviews and analyzes for typical occupational fields in seven key areas of production (see detecon-futurework-at-production). As a result, we offer valuable input to production and personnel managers in order to realize efficiency, but also support and relief potentials for individual jobs.

Graphic about EAM meets Future Work

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Sabrina Krüger
+49 221 91611246

The Internet of Things (IoT) pushes the networking of devices, machines and companies inexorably. The resulting data increasingly contributes to optimization potentials and new business models and is thus becoming a significant production factor. The evaluation of the obtained data is only the beginning. More and more companies are faced with the challenge of how processes can be made predictable with the company's existing database and how plants can be transformed into autonomous, self-optimizing networks.

Companies that want to align their IoT strategy profitably need a holistic approach that accompanies the transformation from vision to technical implementation. In addition to the selection and analysis of the right reference architecture, our experts support the development of potential IoT applications by using our tried and tested business discovery method. In addition, the individual development of the IT architecture and the selection of suitable platforms belong to our range of services.

Graphics about Internet of Things (IoT)

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Christian Zeller
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Digitalization brings companies new challenges and opportunities, such as new products and service components, as well as innovative business and collaborating models. Reliable data is a key success factor here. However, in digital transformation, companies need skills that go far beyond traditional master data management.

Based on our extensive experience with our customers, we have developed a Master Data Management approach that addresses the challenges of digital transformation. We combined our architecture expertise as well as our experience in the field of MDM in a methodological kit. It consists of a procedural model that offers a TOGAF-compatible approach to the specific problem solution, an MDM maturity check, and a training for master data management. For more information please refer to our MDM Flyer.

Graphic about Master Data Management (MDM)

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Dr. Franz Sievers
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