Whitepaper Automotive Customer Experience

"What is already self-evident for big tech companies must also become standard for car manufacturers. [...] Those who make the best use of their data in a way that leads to the best customer experience will remain relevant to customers in the future." (translated)

Dr. Jürgen Padberg

In recent years, the needs of clients in the automotive sector have dramatically changed. These days, a customised, holistic and emotional customer journey with different touchpoints is what counts, because expectations of a fully comprehensive experience have grown. The client's everyday and digital ecosystem is the key to success, even if there is still a silo thinking that dominates many manufacturers. In order to maintain a strong competitive position, action is needed and data has to be at the heart of it - data analytics is the basis for an experience with digital touchpoints of all kinds.

The Whitepaper "Automotive Customer Experience" highlights current issues around the topic of customer loyalty and experience in the automotive industry and uses a fictitious customer journey to show the challenges and potentials in interaction with data analytics.

Many thanks to all authors:

Dr Jürgen Padberg, Erik Obendörfer, Nadine Büchel, Tassilo Bellwinkel, Tomal K. Ganguly and Harald Butterweck