Business Model Options for Telcos

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How simple would our world be if we could at least make the majority of decisions with clear statements such as yes or no, up or down, right or wrong?

However, the complexity that determines our actions only allows this in very few cases. What becomes relevant instead is the focus on the key driving factors for future market constellations, and the derivation of individual conclusions. The objective of this publication is to identify the key driving factors and to show the perspectives as well as the possible business model options for telcos. Some drivers seem to look very promising whereas other ones might represent a huge hurdle. Some of the most interesting views are summarized below. 

What will the Future look like?

  • Version A: the future is gloomy - the totality of challenges will overwhelm most telcos
  • Version B: It depends - larger players will attempt to take advantage of the smaller players
  • Version C: the future is bright - new regulatory concepts will result in significant restrictions of the market power of hyperscalers, gatekeepers, or so-called VLOPs (very large online platforms) in the next few years

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The Need for Digital Regulation 2030 – An Outlook

  • Here applies: No "one size fits all" 
  • Digital Regulation must face the challenges of the digital ecosystem
  • Electronic communication services will remain subject to sector-specific regulatory rules

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Key to Success for Digital Telcos

  • Connectivity to be available at any time and at any place, tailored to the specific application will be expected by customers
  • New technologies and processes demand new procedures
  • Success in utilizing own network infrastructures is most effective in outdoing competitors

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An Embattled Market

  • Only a very few telcos will be able to survive and hold on to a strong market position in the B2B segment
  • Telcos will have to become masters of AI-supported automation to remain efficient and profitable
  • Essentially, telcos need to become more fluid so that manpower and knowledge resources can be deployed flexibly to cover key topics

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