Risk Management as the Basis for Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation

Read the teaser of the article by our colleagues from the "Blue Book" of the Verbands Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (Association of German Transport Companies): "Digital Transformation of Public Transport" here.

The entire mobility field is undergoing change. More and more business models are relying on digital architectures that integrate modern information technology (IT) and use its advantages in the form of new functions or also within the framework of completely new business areas. For example, journeys with different means of transport from different providers can be ordered via a smartphone app, an online shopping service suggests a new, actually usable product based on previous shopping behaviour, or a service can automatically take care of an alternative if a means of transport fails, as there is a multitude of interfaces and data from systems that can be used for this purpose.

However, the advantages of the digital world are also accompanied by dangers that affect the IT systems needed for this, such as servers, WLAN access points or smartphones. For example, data can be manipulated, communication can be disrupted or confidential information can be accessed in an undesired way. The consequences of this can quickly become business-threatening, if, for example, damage to reputation leads to customers going to the competition, a violation of laws leads to heavy sanctions or one even has to reckon with injuries or deaths. This is to be feared in places where communication technology is placed close to control technology, which occurs more frequently for various reasons.

In this article, we discuss the basics of cybersecurity in the digital transformation and how these can be implemented in a company. To this end, we delve into the topic of risk management along common questions, we describe the importance of relevant business areas and give tips on how to perform a first quick indicator check on the status of cybersecurity in one's own company.

Many thanks for the cooperation to Dr. Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt.

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