Digitainability - The Digital Sustainable Revolution

Digitalization and sustainability are two megatrends that are essential to shaping a better, safer future. The intelligent combination of both will produce innovative solutions that monitor and promote sustainable development in time to create economic, environmental and social benefits.

Digitization can lay the foundation for data intelligence. This helps to better understand the complex, interrelated trade-offs and synergies of sustainable actions. If the sustainability aspect is missing, digitization will have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, digitization and sustainability must go hand in hand. Digitainability thus unlocks the potential of digitization for conscious growth and mindful development.

Today's Detecon consultant Shivam Gupta developed the term and the concept of Digitainability during extensive research at the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research (University of Bonn) together with Prof. Jakob Rhyner. Detecon has adapted and transferred the concept from research to practice.

Digitainability is the ability to use digitization to promote sustainability by improving resource efficiency and reducing negative environmental, economic, and social impacts by promoting the mindful use of digital technologies.

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