Dr. Shivam Gupta

Manager | Sustainability & Data Analytics

+49 30 212803073

Dr. Shivam Gupta is an expert and a leading member of the digitainability team in Detecon's Sustainability and Business Technology Advisory. He specializes in digitainability, a concept he developed in his research that involves using technology and data analytics to promote holistic sustainability. Shivam strongly believes in sustainability data intelligence and its potential to help organizations become greener, more future-ready, and contribute to a healthier and safer planet. He has advised various national and international organizations on sustainability, digitalization, automation, and data science.

Shivam holds a Ph.D. in Geoinformatics and specializes in using spatial data science to evaluate the impact of environmental factors on health and well-being in smart cities. With a rich technological and research background, he actively promotes digitainability and hyperconnectivity in business. His interest also includes revolutionizing the healthcare industry by leveraging geohealth and hyperconnected technologies to create a more resilient and efficient healthcare system. His ultimate goal is to shift the emphasis from sick care to preventive healthcare management, relieving the burden on critical health infrastructure and enabling a sustainable and healthy world in the digital age.

Core competencies: 

  • Digitization and Sustainability Strategy (Digitainability)
  • Holistic Sustainability Monitoring and Assessment 
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  • Project Management
  • Spatial Data Analytics
  • Smart Healthcare 
  • Smart Cities